Lenten Rose, Hendersonville, NC
Lenten Rose, Hendersonville, NC


Dr. John Spiesman
March 4, 2020

There is something about a path, particularly during this time of early Spring, and in the Christian tradition, Lent. As human beings with evolving consciousness, we often ponder our Sacred Paths with wonder and sometimes fear and distress too. It is my hope that this blog can be a tool for your journey,with the idea that all of us are on our own, sacred path toward wholeness. I'd love to hear your thoughts about paths, journeys, and opportunities for growth, wonder and awe along life's journey.  Many of my experiences will be visual, since I try to capture many parts of my path through pictures.   I found this Lenten Rose along one path in the past couple weeks. What a symbol of new life in Spring!  Early flowering and related to the buttercup this plant originated in Turkey and Greece.  What have you found along your path these days?

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