Dream Work

The Rev. Robert L. Haden, in Unopened Letters from God, reminds us that ancient Hebrews and early Christians believed that one of the primary ways God speaks to people is through dreams. Throughout history, we have been discouraged from taking dreams seriously. Haden goes on to point out that in the time of Enlightenment, knowledge was encouraged to be limited to a more sensory reality, which led people to not believe that dreams were real and to therefore discount them.

Scholars note that through dreams there have been many conversions, inventions, and healing that have been revealed to humankind. According to Tertullian (c.155-240 AD), the early Christian author from Carthage, It is not known to all people that the dream is the most usual way of God's revelation to humankind

Dreamwork can be a path by which we begin to experience life on a deeper, more meaningful level. Our dreams provide insight into life we are experiencing in the present, as well as offer us guidance about the path we're on, and perhaps changes in that path that lead us to wholeness. 

Record your dreams every morning. Take time to wonder what messages you are receiving, and what gifts these messages may have to offer.  I use a projective method in working with dreams, originally developed by Montague Ullman (1916-2008), and refined by Jeremy Taylor (1943-2018), and further refined by Robert L. Haden. This is an interactive method in which the dreamer shares a dream with the dream worker, and through a series of projections onto the dream by the dream worker, the dreamer gains insight to the dream's message. In a projective method, the "a-ha" of the dream is clearly the dreamer's, not the dream worker's. 

Dreamwork is similar to spiritual companionship in that the dreamer and dream worker meet together approximately once per month to work dreams chosen by the dreamer. My fee for dream work is $60/hour with a sliding fee scale available.

If you would like to explore your dreams as a path to a deeper life experience, please contact me for a conversation.